Many Eyes Workshop

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Workshop Questions:

Inspired by Shawn Allen‘s informative post, “The Value of Many Eyes.”

Can you…

1. …create a scatter plot that correlates vehicle miles traveled with traffic fatality rates in US States?


2. …create a line chart comparing annual bicycle and car production worldwide?


3. …create a “small multiples” country map of hate crimes by type and state?


4. … show the energy consumption rates of autos, motorcycles, light trucks, heavy trucks, and buses, from 1970 to 2003?


5. ….visualize the proportion of fuel used by light-duty passenger vehicles in relation to other transportation modes?

6. …adjust the color contrast on a treemap of CO2 emissions by transportation mode to better show proportional differences?


7. …create a matrix chart to most clearly communicate gender bias by political party represented on the BBC’s show, Question Time?


8. …find a new data set and visualize it in an informative way? A performative way? A provacative way?

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